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How to Avoid a Phishing Attack

So, you get an email from a company that you’ve dealt with often; for example, your bank, a favorite shopping site, a local business you deal with.

And it looks exactly the same as other emails you’ve gotten from these sources.
But, with one exception…….it’s Not from the person/business you know.

And when you click on a link in the ‘familiar’ email, you get a popup that asks for your email credentials (username, password). That’s odd, you think to yourself. But you fill in the information anyway. When you click on ‘Submit’, nothing happens…..and that’s when you notice that sinking feeling in your stomach.

‘Should I have done that?’, you ask yourself.

But it’s too late. Someone now has access to your email account. And, they’ve acquired your Contact list. Pretty soon, you’re getting calls from friends and businesses; asking why you sent them an email with a virus. They are telling you that their computers are down.

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